5 Questions you MUST ask before buying a Pearl Jewellery Set

So, you are thinking of buying a nice necklace set for that awesome party that you are hosting. Or maybe, you have just been invited to a cocktail party and want to make a statement there. Have a look at our Top 10 Best Loved Pearl Necklace Sets of 2018 for some inspiration.

This is the age of Information Technology, and surely you must be doing a little research of your own, every time you decide to purchase something for yourself. 

Let us help you with that! Today, we have compiled a list of 5 Questions that you simply MUST ask your jeweler before purchasing Pearl Jewellery.   

1. What kind of Pearls does your Pearl Jewellery have?

Elegant Two Layer Fresh Water Pearls Necklace Set with Earrings
Elegant Two Layer Fresh Water Pearls Necklace Set with Earrings

This is the most important question that you should ask. A reputed and honest dealer would tell you exactly what kind of pearls are being used in his jewellery items.

Mostly, Fresh Water Pearls (like the ones used in the three strands classic pearl necklace above) are used for making jewellery. 

It is very rare to find Tahitian Pearls or even South Sea Pearls. Some dealers would use these terms as fancy names to sell you low quality machine dyed or even imitation pearl jewellery. 

Watch out for terms such as “Hyderabad Pearls”. There is nothing called “Hyderabad Pearls”. It’s just that there are so many pearl jewellery dealers in Hyderabad that the city has become synonymous with Pearls. So, if a dealer is trying to sell you pearls by saying that the Pearls are from Hyderabad, remember, Hyderabad is famous for imitation pearls too. 😉

Don’t fall for fancy terms or gimmicks. Take an informed decision. Read our post about the 5 easy ways to ensure that the pearls you are buying are indeed real.

2. Are you providing any certificate with your Pearls?

Classic White and Amethyst Purple Pearl Necklace Set
Classic White and Amethyst Purple Pearl Necklace Set

Well, if your dealer claims that his pearls are not artificial pearls or imitation pearls, he really should not be having an issue providing you with a certificate of authenticity. 

A certificate of authenticity gives you peace of mind regarding your purchase. It also gives ensures you have an upperhand in case you find out later that you have been deceived by the dealer.

Make sure the type of pearl is mentioned in the certificate of authenticity. If the dealer has claimed that the necklace sold to you has fresh water pearls, the same should be explicitly mentioned on the face of the certificate.

All the Pearl Jewellery items listed in our Shop come with a brand backed certificate of authenticity, with the type of pearls used being mentioned explicitly, for your peace of mind. 

3. Why Should I buy from you?

Graceful Double Layer Pearl Necklace Set
Graceful Double Layer Pearl Necklace Set

This is one question that you definitely should get an answer for. After all, you should know what value you are getting from the dealer. 

Here is the additional value you get when you buy pearl necklace online from us:

  • Guaranteed authentic Pearls. Try a piece from our 999 Store to believe it. Don’t worry, we have a 7 Days Easy Returns Policy for your peace of mind.
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Free Shipping for most items in India
  • Exclusive cashback offers on each product. Your cashback never expires!
  • Exclusive discount offers round the year over and above all cashback offers.
  • Guaranteed certificate of authenticity with each pearl jewellery item
  • For our international customers: Worldwide shipping at a flat shipping rate and multi currency payment options. Currencies supported are USD, GBP and Euros.

4. Are your pearls dyed?

Exquisite Earth Brown Pearl Jewellery Necklace Set
Exquisite Earth Brown Pearl Jewellery Necklace Set

These days pearls are dyed using machine techniques to give them a superior or a more fashionable look. For example, the earth brown dyed pearl necklace set above is made of fresh water pearls and agate gemstones. 

The long pearls in the necklace were originally white. But they have been dyed to a very earthy brown shade to give them a rustic and trendy look. They also match well with the brown shaded agate gemstones to enhance the overall appeal.

Sometimes, however, a dealer would claim that the unusual colour of the pearls he is trying to sell you is all natural. Don’t fall for it. It is common to dye pearls these days for preserving their lustre and also to enhance their appeal.

It might so happen that he might try to pass off dyed black fresh water or imitation pearls as south sea pearls, just to jack up the price. Be very careful. If he has claimed that the pearls being sold to you are south sea pearls, make sure it is explicitly mentioned in the certificate of authenticity. This gives you an upper hand just in case you find out later that you have been deceived. 

5. Do you have a government authorized gem testing lab certificate?

Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery Necklace Set
Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery Necklace Set

A dealer who has no hesitation in showing a gem testing lab certificate issued to him for his stock of pearls, is probably a safer option than some dealer who doesn’t even have a lab testing certificate.

At Selfmart, our sourced pearls go through strict authenticity checks before being sent to the manufacturing stage. This includes testing in a government authorized gem testing lab.

Summing Up: We hope this post helps you take a very informed decision when you purchase your next Pearl Necklace. Do bookmark this post for your reference. 

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