Added to Collection: Classic Three Layer Pearl Necklace Set

Classic Three Layer Pearl Necklace Set
Classic Three Layer Pearl Necklace Set

This classic pearl necklace set has been recently added to our Pearl Jewellery collection.

A two layer version of this necklace set was exclusively handpicked by our customers to make it to our Top 10 Best Loved Pearl Necklaces of 2018 list! 

We are hoping this one would make it to our 2019 list 😉


This classic three layer pearl jewellery necklace set has been handcrafted with original pearls of fresh water variety. The delicate and sophisticated charm of a pearl necklace is unmatched by any other form of jewellery.

Wear this one with a Saree or a classy Salwar Suit on your next special occasion!  

This necklace also the perfect gift to your loved one. You can never go wrong with a charming white necklace! Buy 

A pair of matching hanging earrings are included to complete your look.  The clasp is solid and chrome finished that fits in with a reassuring click. If you want to check out more of our Pearl Jewellery collection, click here.

A set as unique as this one is definitely a must have in your collection!

Based on our vast experience with our valued customers, we have compiled a list of the 5 most important questions that every customer wants to know the answers for. Read the 5 Questions you MUST ask before buying a Pearl Jewellery Set for your peace of mind. 

 View the listing for this pearl necklace set.

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  • Stones Used: Fresh Water Pearls
  • Colour: White
  • Type: Party or Occasion Wear
  • Suitable For: Women
  • Ages: 25 and above
  • Certification: Certificate of Authenticity

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